Less than a month away till Gen Con!

I can’t wait till Gen Con and I’m counting down the days! We have the hotel booked, money saved up, and the badges came in the mail yesterday.

gencon me

First thing Thursday, August 14th we are going to try to pick up the new base set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Skulls and Shackles. Next stop is visiting the Mercs Miniatures booth to see what goodies they have brought. Then we’ll do like we usually do and start at one end of the exhibit hall and work our way to the other side. We will try to play as many demos as we can and just scope out the place. One of my goals this year is to try to take a picture of every single game we demo so I can make notes about them. I know a lot of companies brings games that aren’t available yet so I want to be sure to look them up later. I hope to spot some great deals on games that have been on my wishlist. Gen Con should be a blast and the best four days of gaming! I plan on coming back with some games and can’t wait to see what is new this year.


10 Years later


On May 27th, 2004 I finished high school. It is hard to believe that was 10 years ago today. I remember the excitement of finally being done with public education and looking forward to finally being an adult. I kept imagining to myself where will I be 10 years from now. Its funny to look back and see that what I imagined and what happened aren’t exactly the same.

In high school I played basketball during my freshman year and part of my sophomore year. I joined band during the second semester of my sophomore year and finished high school in band. Band was such a big part of my life then and during the time I thought music would always be with me. Funny how life changes. I barely touch my saxophone today (mostly because I live in an apartment and I don’t want to annoy my neighbor, lol!) However, I also don’t play it since life seems to keep me busy and music isn’t a passion like it was for me 10 years ago.

When I was graduating I imagined that in 10 years I would be done with college, married, have children, and be an accountant. I also imagined that I would live in Louisiana too. Flash forward to 10 years later and I have finished college, got married, hope to have a baby in the next year, and I’m an Accounting Associate. I’ve moved to Indiana too. So far I’m on track with almost everything I thought would happen.

I've also put on weight since high school. Lol!

I’ve also put on weight since high school. Lol!

But there were many things that happened along the way that I never could have predicted. It took me about 9 years to finish college! I changed colleges and my majors many times. I married in my mid-twenties instead of my early twenties like I thought I would when I was 18. I’m not really an accountant but I do some light accounting work. I’ve also lost the passion for music and instead I have a passion for tabletop games. The last 10 years have been an amazing adventure and I don’t regret anything! I am happy and so very blessed. What will the next 10 years bring I don’t know. I can only guess but I’d prefer to watch it unfold.



And just like that, it’s over…


We have officially walked away, defeated. A house is not going to happen in the next few months. I must admit I’m sad to see this amazing journey end and not in the way I anticipated it to. However, I’ve come to accept it. The financing won’t work out so we will save up and try again a year from now. We didn’t lose anything during this but gained a great deal of knowledge. I’m trying to look at the silver lining in this and I can see it more and more each day. This wasn’t the right time. God must’ve closed this door for a reason. One day we will be home owners and one day we will be happy it wasn’t now.



A stalemate is defined as such. “A situation in which further action is blocked; a deadlock.” This is a perfect explanation to our quest in trying to buy our first home. As many of you may already know we have been looking for a house after being pre-approved for a USDA loan. We were excited and scared but started the process of seeing houses and even made a few offers. Our type of loan is Federally funded and with the government shutdown this means the loans aren’t going out. Add on the fact that the USDA loan was already backed up and this intensifies the problem. We are now at a stalemate. No one will accept our USDA loan with all the uncertainty and the long delay. We are seeing what other options are out there for financing but with little saved up we might continue renting for the time being.

I went from cloud nine to cloud negative nine. It was exciting to think we can buy a house now but as exciting as it was it is now as equally devastating that it is not happening. I know that when we do buy a house down the road we will be grateful it didn’t happen now. However, I don’t have hindsight for this current dilemma all I have is foresight and things look bleek. I’m unhappy right now…

Home Sweet Home?


We are making an offer on a house!!! We spent a couple weekends viewing houses and spent even longer finding the houses on the internet. We have three favorites and the one pictured above is the first one we have put an offer on. We have started out $19k less than the asking price hoping to get them down some. We expect a counter offer. This particular house is in a great neighborhood with property values staying steady. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a 2 car attached garage, a large kitchen, and plenty of space! It is a newer home so most major appliances have at least 10 years before they need replacement. If this is God’s will it will work out but our 2nd favorite house is also really great too. It is definitely a buyer’s market!

Feeling like an adult both scary and exciting


Before Jacob and I got married we tried to pre-qualify for a home loan. It didn’t pan out so we have rented ever since. A lot has changed since then. We have paid off debts, raised our credit scores, I got a full time job, we bought a car, etc. We have lived in two apartments for the last few years and while we love our current apartment we didn’t want to rent for the rest of our lives! We were considering a 3 bedroom apartment once our lease is up but it doesn’t hurt to see what options are available. Today, I called a lender and we were pre-approved for a loan and the monthly payments are actually do-able for us! Now comes the scary and fun part. Looking at houses and eventually buying one. I’m excited to start this next journey in our lives but scared about this new responsibility.

I think the best thing we can do is pray about this to make sure this is what God has planned for us.

My dying love


Growing up I loved to watch Major League Baseball. I remember cheering for the White Sox. I had baseball cards and enjoyed watching the games. I also watched the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was on the team. Eventually my favorite players left their teams and I found the teams lacking. When I was in high school I was introduced to the rules of football. I cheered for the Tennessee Titans but after my favorite player left the team my fandom ended. I switch to cheering for the Indianapolis Colts for years. If anyone watches sports they know what happened…Peyton Manning went to the Denver Broncos. Last year I cheered for the Broncos and the Colts but not as loud as I used to. I cheer for our local college Indiana University in football and basketball too. Last year’s basketball season was great until it ended unexpectedly. I’ve come to a realization that with every team losing players I liked and the majority of my favorite teams’ seasons coming to an unexpected end have left me feeling apathy towards watching sports. I like to play sports (even though I don’t get the chance often) but I find myself no longer carrying who wins and who loses. I think I’m done with being a sports fan. In a lot of ways it is liberating since I don’t have to always keep up with it. A guy that drops off supplies to my work once said “I’ve learned years ago that teams win or lose regardless if I’m watching or not.”