Lessons from Crowdfunding


I’ve never ran my own Kickstarter so I can’t speak on behalf of the business side.

The number 1 thing I would recommend to anyone backing something on Kickstarter is know who you are backing. Notice I didn’t say “what” but “who.” Yes, you are backing a specific product but you need to make sure the company is reputable. Have they had other Kickstarters? Did those get delivered? Or are they new to crowdfunding? Now, if they are new that’s where you have to decide your risk/reward factor for yourself. Everyone knows their own disposable income and if you can drop $100 on  Kickstarter that doesn’t deliver and not bat an eye then go for it! My thought is if you don’t know the company then decide how much money you are willing to lose since the company is just starting out and may actually not deliver on their promises. Sorry that’s my own cynical view.

Probably just as equally important is PATIENCE! People who have Kickstarters are trying their best to deliver the goods on time (there are exceptions though.) They can’t foresee all the delays, especially when working with printers from overseas. As long as they are trying to make good on their promises just be patient with them. You’ll get your reward and you’ll forget that there was ever a delay.

Lastly, don’t be one of those people who say “I backed the project for the idea not the reward.” That drives me up the walls! If someone “truly” backed a Kickstarter for the idea and not the reward then they should select “no reward” when they pledge. They really wanted a reward just like everyone else so just ignore people who act all high and mighty.

I’m not an expert on this matter but if you are thinking about backing a Kickstarter project for the first time I would suggest keeping some of things I mentioned in mind. Don’t be a victim of a Kickstarter that didn’t deliver but also don’t be one of those people who complain about delays either.


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