Science and God


I’ve heard many people talk about science vs. creationism, especially since the debate with Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I must admit I have not watched the debate but I’ve seen the reaction to it. In my opinion the debate seemed pointless. Science deals in facts and evidence but faith (which is the driving force to all religions) doesn’t rely on facts or evidence. People have faith despite not having evidence. I am a Christian and I have seen God working in my life and in others’ lives. I try to live a holy life so one day I can see my creator and hear him say that I did a good job and welcome to heaven. I believe everyone is invited to go there but not everyone has chosen to RSVP yet.

Even though I believe in God I also believe science can tell us a lot too. God is the “why” in the equation and science is the “how.” Why was the Earth created? Because God made it. How was it created? This is where science takes over. Science doesn’t necessarily disprove that God exists just like believing in God doesn’t disprove what scientific evidence shows us. It all works together. There are some theories in science that I think aren’t accurate but I’m not going to go into those now. Not everyone believes in God’s existence and while I pray they do one day I believe science can’t disprove his existence either. Believing in God is beyond fact because it is faith based.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


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