A stalemate is defined as such. “A situation in which further action is blocked; a deadlock.” This is a perfect explanation to our quest in trying to buy our first home. As many of you may already know we have been looking for a house after being pre-approved for a USDA loan. We were excited and scared but started the process of seeing houses and even made a few offers. Our type of loan is Federally funded and with the government shutdown this means the loans aren’t going out. Add on the fact that the USDA loan was already backed up and this intensifies the problem. We are now at a stalemate. No one will accept our USDA loan with all the uncertainty and the long delay. We are seeing what other options are out there for financing but with little saved up we might continue renting for the time being.

I went from cloud nine to cloud negative nine. It was exciting to think we can buy a house now but as exciting as it was it is now as equally devastating that it is not happening. I know that when we do buy a house down the road we will be grateful it didn’t happen now. However, I don’t have hindsight for this current dilemma all I have is foresight and things look bleek. I’m unhappy right now…


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