Cygnar reporting for duty, ma’am!

Cygnar reporting for duty, ma'am!

My Cygnar battlgroup is painted and ready for action. Yay, time to play!


“Argh, we are covered in white, but we are blue!”

Just a quick update. I based and primed the Cygnar models last night.

photo 1First, I put some dirt colored flock on them to add texture.

photo 2Then I glued some ballast rocks on their bases to add even more texture.

photo 3I primed them in white. I used Rustoleum Satin. It isn’t flat but it isn’t glossy either, it sits somewhere in the middle.

photo 4I didn’t take a picture of it but I made a second coat of primer focusing on the base. My goal is to lock in the ballast rocks and flock. I hope they stay in place when it comes to dry brushing and painting the bases later.

I don’t know when I will be able to get back to painting these guys since the next few days are going to be busy for me. Stay tuned though, there is more to come.

Warmachine’s Cygnar

First off I should start this post with finger pointing. Raine and Kae, you guys have created a monster!

I’ve played Warmachine a couple of times but after the first time I decided to buy a battlegroup for Warmachine (Cygnar) and Hordes (Circle of Orboros). Jacob, my husband, also got a battlegroup for both groups too (Convergence of Cyriss and Skorne). We just got our groups in yesterday so we did what any war gamer does, assemble the figures with glue. I still have glue on my finger tips today.


I have looked at several sites and Youtube videos to get inspiration on how to paint my Cygnar army. I’ve painted a Mercs army (another miniature war game) but I want to try different techniques this time.

First, the Cygnar group looks good in blue and yellow but the picture on the battlegroup box is too heavy on the blue. I took to the Privateer Press’ forum to see what others did for Cygnar. I really like Defenstrator’s paint scheme! So I will mimic a similar idea for my army.


What is a miniature without awesome effects on the base? I took a look at a post from Insider on Privateer Press to get an idea on how to take care of the base. Typically basing is the last step for me but this time I’m going to try something different. I plan on putting down the terrain first then prime everything. This should help seal in the terrain.


I also plan on adding some rust to my Cygnar army so they can have a worn look. I can’t wait to get started on painting these guys and I’m even more excited about playing with them! I hope all this works and I will post pictures throughout my process.


“They are more than willing and ready to defend themselves and their beloved kingdom from those who would crush the principles of freedom and all for which Cygnar stands.”

And just like that, it’s over…


We have officially walked away, defeated. A house is not going to happen in the next few months. I must admit I’m sad to see this amazing journey end and not in the way I anticipated it to. However, I’ve come to accept it. The financing won’t work out so we will save up and try again a year from now. We didn’t lose anything during this but gained a great deal of knowledge. I’m trying to look at the silver lining in this and I can see it more and more each day. This wasn’t the right time. God must’ve closed this door for a reason. One day we will be home owners and one day we will be happy it wasn’t now.



A stalemate is defined as such. “A situation in which further action is blocked; a deadlock.” This is a perfect explanation to our quest in trying to buy our first home. As many of you may already know we have been looking for a house after being pre-approved for a USDA loan. We were excited and scared but started the process of seeing houses and even made a few offers. Our type of loan is Federally funded and with the government shutdown this means the loans aren’t going out. Add on the fact that the USDA loan was already backed up and this intensifies the problem. We are now at a stalemate. No one will accept our USDA loan with all the uncertainty and the long delay. We are seeing what other options are out there for financing but with little saved up we might continue renting for the time being.

I went from cloud nine to cloud negative nine. It was exciting to think we can buy a house now but as exciting as it was it is now as equally devastating that it is not happening. I know that when we do buy a house down the road we will be grateful it didn’t happen now. However, I don’t have hindsight for this current dilemma all I have is foresight and things look bleek. I’m unhappy right now…

Home Sweet Home?


We are making an offer on a house!!! We spent a couple weekends viewing houses and spent even longer finding the houses on the internet. We have three favorites and the one pictured above is the first one we have put an offer on. We have started out $19k less than the asking price hoping to get them down some. We expect a counter offer. This particular house is in a great neighborhood with property values staying steady. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a 2 car attached garage, a large kitchen, and plenty of space! It is a newer home so most major appliances have at least 10 years before they need replacement. If this is God’s will it will work out but our 2nd favorite house is also really great too. It is definitely a buyer’s market!