A Political Moment


I used to be into politics but as I got older I became apathetic. I even doubt that I will vote next in the next election. However, I do read the news and have my own opinions from time to time on political matters. The main thing going on now is the Syrian war and whether America should attack because chemical weapons were used. I think chemical weapons are horrible and shouldn’t exist but I don’t see what the President hopes to accomplish by throwing missiles at Syria. First, we don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt that the Syrian government did it. Second, whose to say this will stop the government from using them again (provided they used them in the first place)? Russia seems to have the right approach, diplomacy! Obama has been trying to get a war started all along but now Russia has took the diplomatic approach by asking Syria to give up all their chemical weapons and Syria has agreed. Now Obama is waking up and saying he likes diplomacy even though he has been asking for war the whole time! I don’t want to get in a political debate about this but I just felt like sharing my opinion. I’ve always questioned whether Obama was the right person to be our president.



Feeling like an adult both scary and exciting


Before Jacob and I got married we tried to pre-qualify for a home loan. It didn’t pan out so we have rented ever since. A lot has changed since then. We have paid off debts, raised our credit scores, I got a full time job, we bought a car, etc. We have lived in two apartments for the last few years and while we love our current apartment we didn’t want to rent for the rest of our lives! We were considering a 3 bedroom apartment once our lease is up but it doesn’t hurt to see what options are available. Today, I called a lender and we were pre-approved for a loan and the monthly payments are actually do-able for us! Now comes the scary and fun part. Looking at houses and eventually buying one. I’m excited to start this next journey in our lives but scared about this new responsibility.

I think the best thing we can do is pray about this to make sure this is what God has planned for us.