My dying love


Growing up I loved to watch Major League Baseball. I remember cheering for the White Sox. I had baseball cards and enjoyed watching the games. I also watched the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was on the team. Eventually my favorite players left their teams and I found the teams lacking. When I was in high school I was introduced to the rules of football. I cheered for the Tennessee Titans but after my favorite player left the team my fandom ended. I switch to cheering for the Indianapolis Colts for years. If anyone watches sports they know what happened…Peyton Manning went to the Denver Broncos. Last year I cheered for the Broncos and the Colts but not as loud as I used to. I cheer for our local college Indiana University in football and basketball too. Last year’s basketball season was great until it ended unexpectedly. I’ve come to a realization that with every team losing players I liked and the majority of my favorite teams’ seasons coming to an unexpected end have left me feeling apathy towards watching sports. I like to play sports (even though I don’t get the chance often) but I find myself no longer carrying who wins and who loses. I think I’m done with being a sports fan. In a lot of ways it is liberating since I don’t have to always keep up with it. A guy that drops off supplies to my work once said “I’ve learned years ago that teams win or lose regardless if I’m watching or not.”


Who am I?


I’m not much of a blogger and I’m not one to really talk about myself. Many times I’ve been asked to describe myself and my usual responses are short adjectives.






It might be easier to talk about what I like to do and you can decide for yourself how I should be described…

I work an 8-5pm job, Monday through Friday. My title is Accounting Associate and I have a lot of responsibilities I won’t bore you with. I spend my evenings with my husband. We share a lot of the same hobbies so we do almost everything together. Just last night we painted miniatures that belong to a board game we got at Gen Con. We play a lot of tabletop games together and with friends.

Tabletop games aren’t what you grew up with anymore (Monopoly, Clue, Candyland, etc.) These are games considered “modern” which usually has more complicated mechanics and some games are even heavy on theme. Oh! In case you are wondering Gen Con is an annual convention that revolves around tabletop games. Tabletop gaming is a big hobby for my husband and I. We play board games, miniatures games, RPGs (role playing games), and about anything else we can get our hands on. We grew up playing video games and even though we still play them we prefer tabletop games for our main source of gaming.

I’m not all gaming though. I enjoy visiting with my parents, my brother and his family, my in-laws, my extended family, and of course my friends. I go to church every Sunday and I’m proud to be a Christian. Not all of my fellow Christians may agree with me but I don’t feel that I should be shoving my faith down everyone’s throat. Sometimes we are just called to love others regardless of who they are and pray for them. Christ is love and he showed love when he was on Earth. I’ll get off my soap box here.

I love to create art and my latest entries have been pyrography (wood burning) and painting miniatures for games we play. I love to go camping and absolutely love a vacation on a beach.

I think I have normal goals and aspirations. I want to climb the career ladder, have children (we are trying for a baby now), buy a house, and continue to be happy. I think it is fine to have goals and dreams but I try to be content with where I am in life now. Well I think that wraps it up for me.